Researching & Developing True Stories

For decades, producers have relied on Industry R&D for instant background on breaking, real-life tales — along with the sources, witnesses and victims telling it. It’s all made possible by a private network involving thousands of seasoned journalists, community liaisons and public officials around the country — recruited, organized and personally overseen by Exec Producer Thomas J. Colbert.  His staff vets the rumors and clues and delivers the 1st-person facts. And without one suit in over 30 years. 

Marketing the Message

The news professionals in this exclusive pipeline are also eager to consider Industry R&D’s coming true stories — whether from production houses, publishers or government agencies. Colbert’s staff also personalizes its media strategies for targeted audiences. For examples, see the seven years of “free” news coverage at

Liaison Services for Studios, Networks & Media Platforms

Industry R&D’s collaborative assistance to its co-production partners include video and photo-licensing, searches for experts, law enforcement introductions, organizing roundtables and location scouting.

Writing, Editing, Polishing

The staff at Industry R&D passionately works with producers, scriptwriters, award-winning authors, PR experts, private companies, government agencies and aspiring wordsmiths — from the first edit to the final draft. 

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