Praise for the D.B. Cooper Investigation and The Last Master Outlaw

“In my professional opinion as a seasoned and trained investigator and former criminal court judge, the case Colbert has made establishing Rackstraw as the hijacker, documented in The Last Master Outlaw, is one of the strongest cases I have ever seen. The book invites you along on the five-year hunt, as Colbert’s cold case investigators track down old crime partners and coworkers, dig through the records, and log the solid evidence. You’re left to ultimately conclude—beyond a reasonable doubt—that he has identified the man America has come to know as D. B. Cooper.”—Shannen L. Rossmiller, MT State Investigator

“This book should come with a warning: Don’t pick it up because you’ll never put it down. I am so pleased that Colbert’s efforts to bring closure to this case, which the world has been fascinated by for decades, is ending up in the win column. Credit his talent, time, and selfless attitude for this success. He would have been a great FBI agent!” —Jim Reese, pioneering profiler, FBI Behavioral Science Unit

“This incredible journalistic achievement shames the FBI’s investigation of the nation’s most famous skyjacking in 1971. Thomas Colbert’s cold case team spent five years tracking down the prime suspect and learning how he outsmarted special agents at every turn.

It’s one of the best investigative reports I’ve read in many years, serving up cold, hard facts and leaving nothing to mindless speculation. I’ve had a long-time interest in the D.B. Cooper case, and the book, The Last Master Outlaw, answers a lot of questions I’ve been asking over the years.” —Pete Noyes, TV Investigative Journalist, Los Angeles

“When you gather a bunch of people like Tom Colbert did, you run a great risk of group-think. As a member of his Cold Case Team, I can tell you this did not happen. I and my colleagues pushed back against theories, shot down conclusions, and changed views in light of new evidence. Some facts, however, are unavoidable.

“Rackstraw once claimed he was Cooper. He was flying in the Northwest in November 1971. He claims to hold the second highest rating given to United State Army parachutists. He has a record of doing crazy stuff as a pilot in Vietnam. And Cooper’s commands to the Northwest Airlines crew demonstrated his knowledge of flight characteristics of the 727 that a pilot, but not your average Joe, would know — and Rackstraw would know them.

“Whatever you think about Colbert’s motivations or the quality of the documentary and book, these facts exist. But the FBI has not told us why they decided Rackstraw was no longer a suspect. Until someone pulls that ripcord, I proudly stand with the team.”—Jeffrey T. Renz, Attorney & Retired Law Professor, CPT INF & former Army Ranger

“Tom Colbert is the best investigative journalist I know. He possesses the curiosity and instinct that have repeatedly led to discovering the truth. All of us who reported the fascinating tale of D. B. Cooper and anyone who savors a mystery must read Tom’s superb investigative story. Believe me—and believe him!”—Connie Chung, former network news anchor

“A must-read. I believe this cold case, involving a fugitive many consider to be America’s last outlaw before modern law enforcement tools, has been finally solved by an outstanding team of professional investigators. A fitting end to an epic legend of history.”—Major General Paul E. Vallely, US Army (Ret.)

“Colbert has truly made history by finally solving this cold case. His tenacity and zeal in the pursuit has made The Last Master Outlaw a perfect example of how a lifelong criminal like D. B. Cooper can keep running but can never hide!”—Rich Vigna, former Field Ops Director, US Customs & Border Protection

Readers will be captivated by the content’s detail and complexity, produced by co-authors Thomas Colbert and Tom Szollosi. Colbert brought together a prominent group of cold case professionals from across the country to ensure they left no stone unturned during their investigation. After reading this book you will be able to judge for yourself whether the Cooper case can be closed ‘beyond a reasonable doubt.'”—Thomas Mauriello, Criminalistics Professor, U of MD, one of USA’s “Top 15 CSI Professors”

 “Colbert and his cold case team took on a daunting challenge and it paid off. This book meticulously lays out each piece of their D. B. Cooper investigation with compelling precision and attention to detail. What unfolds is a tale that is spellbinding and jaw-dropping. I had to keep reminding myself this is not the work of fiction!”—Sylvia Lopez, 25-year Los Angeles news anchor

“A great tale of dedicated, dogged determination, and a fascinating story for the public. Tom Colbert’s research was excellent, and the resolve to see this case to the end is a testament to his focus.”—Jamie Graham, former Chief Superintendent, Royal Canadian Mounted Police

“What makes The Last Master Outlaw so enjoyable, beyond details of this man’s complicated life, is the systematic, tenacious pursuit by Colbert’s investigative team. When I read the evidence uncovered, I gasped. You may have the same reaction. Detailed, reliable, and consistent, it paints a compelling picture and makes for a gripping, entertaining book.”— Mark A. Reinecke, Professor in Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences, Northwestern University

“This is a great yarn. Just fascinating. I will enjoy watching this play out.” Congratulations to you! — Van Gordon Sauter, former President, CBS News & FOX News

“The determination of Colbert to track down D. B. Cooper is amazing. His cold case team’s investigative work to solve this mystery is unbelievable. The Last Master Outlaw, with cowriter Tom Szollosi, makes for great reading.” — Scotty Sang, former Port Director, US Customs and Border Protection, Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport