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Thomas J. Colbert 

Colbert, founder of Industry R&D, is an investigative journalist, award-winning author and producer responsible for discovering thousands of true stories for TV, feature films, publishing and streaming platforms. His real-life tales seek truth, identify role models, share lessons learned and solve forgotten crimes for victim families.

More than two dozen of these story leads have become books, with a like number reaching the big and small screens – such as the 2016 documentary and 2022 update on hijacker Robert W. Rackstraw, AKA “D.B. Cooper” (DBCooper.com); the feature, THE VOW, with Rachel McAdams (playing a car-accident survivor with amnesia); and the 1994 TV movie, BABY BROKERS, starring Cybill Shepherd (the nation’s first surrogate fraud case, involving the Los Angeles-based US Attorney and the LAPD).

IRD provides research, story-development and production services to co-prod partners, corporate entities and government agencies. For more details, please see the “Services” menu.