Her husband is murdered. Corrupt officials cover it up. Hell hath no fury…

PALISADES — Based on a True Story

Ruth’s marriage to a revered therapist in Hollywood’s hottest coastal zip code ends when she pulls up to yellow-tape and downcast detectives.

But when a county coroner later labels her mate’s grisly death a simple heart attack, this direct descendant of America’s first female celebrity, Annie Oakley, bucks the system and starts her own CSI.

First, it’s a whodunit: Was it a shadowy arsonist who recently tried to torch their cliffside home? A violent maniac released from her husband’s mental ward? Or a vengeful doctor-partner who left over a money dispute?

When county departments ignore her forensic experts’ results and theories, Ruth ambushes the officials in parking lots, during 19 holes at the Riviera Country Club, even at a posh polo match. When that fails, she meets with aloof state agencies in the capitol – finally, her bureaucratic walls begin tumbling down.

With corrupt county heads rolling, Ruth fingers the psychopath responsible for her mate’s murder. Then she gets her face-off in a battle involving several courtrooms.

When the broke crusader is left to selling her family heirlooms and car, compassionate neighbors in the Palisades – including celebrities – rally to her cause. They later work with Ruth and a senator to change state and federal law for similar victims of violent crime.

FYI: Source material is a book by an award-winning author.

pal·i·sade  \ ˌpa-lə-ˈsād
A wall or barrier used to thwart outsiders.